The Lazy Entrepreneur's Way To Riches

Most People are to busy earning a living to make any money

I used to work hard. The 18-hour days. The 7-day weeks.

But I didn’t start making big money until I did less-a lot less.

For example, this ad took about 2 hours to write. With a little luck, it should earn me 50, maybe a hundred thousand dollars.

What’s more, I’m going to ask you to send me 10 dollars for something that’ll cost me no more than 50 cents.

And I’ll try to make it so irresistible that you’d be a darned fool not to do it.

After all, why should you care if I make 9.50 profit if I can show you how to make a lot more?

What if I’m so sure that you will make money my lazy entrepreneurs way that I’ll make you a most unusual guarantee?

And here it is: I wont even cash your $10 for 31 days after you have purchased my training.

That’ll give you plenty of time to get it, look it over, try it out.

If you don’t agree that it’s worth at least a hundred times what you have invested, I will return your money back no questions asked.

If that doesn’t sound like the biggest bargain of your life, then I don’t know what does.

Because I’m going to tell you what it took me 11 years to perfect: How to make money the lazy entrepreneurs way.


Now I have to brag a little. I don’t mind it. And it’s necessary -to prove that sending   me the 100 dollars… which ill keep in escrow until you’re satisfied…. Is the smartest thing you ever did.

I live in a home worth $750,000. I know it is, because I turned down an offer for that much. My mortgage is less than half that, and the only reason I haven’t paid it off is because my accountant says I’d be an idiot.

My “office,” is about a mile and a half from my home, right on the beach. My view is so breathtaking that most people comment that don’t see how I get any work done. But I do enough. About 6 hours a 8 or 9 months a year. The rest of the time we spend at our mountain “cabin”  I paid $30,000 for it – cash.

I have 2 boats and a Cadillac. All paid for.

We have crypto, stocks, bonds, investments, cash in the bank. But the most important thing I have is priceless: time with my family.

And I’ll show you just how I did it – the lazy entrepreneurs way to riches – a secret that I’ve shared with just a few friends ‘til now.

It doesn’t require “education.” I’m a high school graduate.

It doesn’t require “capital.” When I started out, I was so deep in debt that a lawyer friend advised bankruptcy as the only way out. He was wrong. We paid off our debts and, outside of the mortgage, don’t owe a cent to any man.

It doesn’t require “luck.” I’ve had more than my share, but I’m not promising you that you’ll make as much money as I have. And you may do better: I personally know one man who used these principles, worked hard and made 11 million dollars in 8 years.  But money isn’t everything. It doesn’t require “talent.” Just enough brains to know what to look for. And ill tell you that.

It doesn’t require “youth.” One woman I worked with is over 70. She’s traveled the world over, making all the money she needs, doing only what I taught her. It doesn’t require “experience.” A widow in Chicago has been averaging $50,000 a year for the past 5 years, using my methods.

What does it require? Belief. Enough to take a chance. Enough to absorb what I’ll send you. Enough principles into action. If you do just that-nothing more, nothing less-the results will be hard to believe. Remember-I guarantee it. You don’t have to give up your job. But you may soon be making so much money that you’ll be able to. Once again-I guarantee it.

The wisest man I ever knew told me something I never forgot: “Most people are to busy earning a living to make any money.”

Don’t take as long as I did to find out he was right.

Here are some comments from other people. I’m sure that, like you, they didn’t believe me either.

Guess they figured that, for 31 days, they had nothing to lose.

They were right.

And here’s what they gained:

$260,000 in eleven months –

Jenny Roberts - Writer

“Two years ago, I paid you $10 in sheer desperation for a better life… One year ago, just out of the blue sky, a man called and offered me a partnership… I grossed over $260,000 cash business in eleven months. You are a God sent miracle to me.” B.F., Pascagoula, Miss.

Made $16,901.92 first time out –

J.J.M. Watertown, N.Y.

“The third day I applied myself totally to what you had shown me. I made $16,901.92 That’s great results for my first time.”

I’m a half-millionaire -

G.C., Toronto, Canada

“Thanks to your method, I’m a half millionaire… Would you believe last year at this time I was working at a job I hate for peanuts.

Getting everything we want –

Mrs. M. C., Anaheim, Cali.

“We can’t keep this to ourselves anymore – you were right! We’re on the road to getting all (everything) we want in this world! We sold the $85,000 house we had and got another one… It’s worth $250,000. We have a paid-for Ford Raptor pickup, paid-for 17 ft boat, we bought a Cadillac, we have a paid-for Grand Prix….”

$7,000 in five days

“Last Monday I used what  I learned in module 4 to make $7000. It took me all week to do it, but that’s not bad for five days work. M. D., Topeka, Kansas

Can’t believe success

G. M., Des Plaines, Ill.

“I can’t believe how successful I have become… Three months ago, I was a telephone order taker for a shoe company in Chicago, Illinois. I was driving a beat-up 1999 Cutlass Supreme and had $600 in my savings account. Today, I am sitting in my own office and have about 30,000 in my savings account.

I know you’re skeptical. After all, what I’m saying is probably contrary to what you’ve heard from your friends, your family, your teacher and maybe everyone else you know. I can only ask you one question. How many of them are millionaires? So it’s up to you:

A month from today, you can be nothing more then 30 days older – or you be on your way to getting rich. You decide.

“…. I didn’t have a job and I was worse than broke. I owed more then $50,000 and my only assets were my wide and 5 children. We were renting an old house in a decaying neighborhood, driving a 5-year old car that was falling apart, and had maybe a couple of hundred dollars in the bank.

Within one month, after using the principles of the Lazy Entrepreneurs Way to Riches, things started to change – to put it mildly.

  • We worked out a plan we could afford to pay off our debt – and stopped our creditors from hounding us.
  • We were driving a brand-new BMW that a car dealer had given us!
  • Our bank account had multiplied tenfold!
  • All within the first 30 days!

And today….

  • I live in a home that’s worth over $300,000
  • I own my “office”  It’s about a mile and a half from my home and is right on the beach.
  • I own a lakefront “cabin” in Washington. (That’s were we spend the whole summer –loafing, fishing, swimming and sailing .)
  • I own two oceanfront condominiums. One is on a sunny beach in Mexico and one is snuggled right on the best beach of the best island in Hawaii – Maui.
  • I have two boats and a Cadillac. All Paid for.
  • I have a net worth of over a Million Dollars. But I still don’t have a job…”