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From The Desk Of Robert Lyon

There is NOTHING more valuable to your business than revenue.




We'll talk about getting it in a minute, but first ...

Please Read This Important Disclosure


What I'm about to share with you can really help you.

...Assuming you've got a real business you can apply it to.

By "real" business, I mean the business has a working offer, it's getting traffic, and there's a responsive audience you can show new promotions to.

I refer to working offers, responsive audiences, databases, sales processes, and so forth as "assets".

...And the more "assets" the business has, the more likely it will be successful with what I'm offering you.

On the "flip side", if a business has little or no "assets" like what I described ...it's going to be less likely to be successful.

This isn't some pitch for a "get rich quick" scheme ...and nor is it meant to imply that success is guaranteed (or even easy for that matter).

I did my best to make that clear, but still...

This stuff takes work.

And sometimes it takes more than expected. (OK - it almost ALWAYS takes more than expected.)

With that said, I'm not making or implying any type of earnings claims here.

All I can guarantee for sure is that you'll find this valuable, and you'll be happy you did it.


So where were we?

Oh yeah.

We were talking about how getting money (specifically a profit) is the most important thing in business.

Anyone Who Tells You Otherwise Is Delusional.


It's great to have a brand.

And it's great to have a list, an audience, a following, an excellent product, and all that ...

But What Good Is It If You're Not Making Money?


And here's the thing:

The overwhelming majority of businesses (including yours) are probably leaving giant gobs of money on the table.

Like ...fortunes.

The reason why is two-fold.

Either ...

A: They're making money in spite of bad (or nonexistent) marketing. This is super common. I could "name names" here but what's the point? We've both seen it happen.

B: They're relying on ONE THING to bring in revenue.

Like only using Facebook or only using Google ads or only using affiliates.

And listen ...I've been "guilty" of both of those "sins" myself in the past.

Have the scars to prove it.

Which is why I can tell you with 1000% confidence that businesses like the ones I just described?

Well, it's only a short matter of time before ...


A competitor could disrupt everything with some solid marketing and BOOM ...there goes their steady stream of money.

Or Facebook could shut them down and BAM - the business comes to a grinding halt.

...Or there could be another "2020" and they're waking up to a whole new world where everything changed overnight and they have no clue what to do.

It could happen in a heartbeat to any business who doesn't have the tools and skills to make themselves IMMUNE these scenarios.

Yes. Even yours.

Which is why ...


A Money Maker is someone who can bring in revenue, FAST.


...For any real business whether it's a client's business or your own.

(A real business is one that's already got a presence in the market and is already getting sales. This is much harder to do for startups.)

Anyway ...

I am not a coach.

I am not a consultant.

I am not an "agency".

I’m A Fucking


The Cavalry.

The Special Forces team who comes in and saves the day.



Because I Can Do What Most People Can't.

I can make the cash register ring.

And then I can make it keep ringing consistently by using tools and skills that the rest of the world simply doesn't have.

...And I can make this happen FAST.

And that's what makes me so valuable.


Ever hired an agency and been disappointed?

Ever tried to do this stuff for yourself but been overwhelmed?

Totally normal.

The fact is, there's a huge difference between "running ads" and MAKING MONEY.

There's tons of people who'll show you how to drive traffic, how to do the whole "content" thing, and all that ...but when it comes to actually getting money?

That's A Skill That's As Rare As Hen's Teeth!

Here's how you can tell.

Do a search for "digital marketing jobs" in your city and look how many openings there are.

I just did it here in San Diego and this is what came up:

Between LinkedIn and Indeed there are over TWO THOUSAND openings.

That's TWO THOUSAND businesses who are basically like, "damn ...we need someone to get us MONEY FROM THE INTERNET."

And if you look closer, you'll see the same companies posting job openings over and over again.

Wanna know why?


...And businesses (maybe even yours) keep endlessly searching for, hiring, and ultimately firing people who are "digital marketing experts" that can't bring in money.

There's a ton of people out there who are "certified" in all manner of things.

Social Media, Content Marketing, CRM Experts, the list goes on.

Hell, there's one company that's certified over 165,000 people as "digital marketing professionals" ...so obviously there's no shortage of "experts".

But there's a big difference in knowing a bunch of lingo and being able to BRING IN COLD HARD CASH.

And that's what sets me apart:

I Have An Unshakable Ability To Create Money.

After all, that's why you're here ...right?

You want to generate more money.

Whether it's for your own business or as a hired gun ...you're here for the money.

...But the skills and tools that allow you to go into any business ...in any industry ...and engineer CONSISTENT CASH?


It's a skill that will ALWAYS be in demand.

And the best part?

It can't be taken from you. By anyone. EVER.

You can't lose it.

And if you want it ...


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